I Forgive for my own sake……


Today I understand the true meaning of forgiveness. I once thought forgiveness was what good and nice people did. I thought I should do it because it was the right thing to do. I now understand that to forgive someone else is to forgive myself.

When I hold anger in my mind, my unconscious does not know for whom that feeling is meant. It only knows that it is a container for resentment.

To forgive is to let go and release my mind from being caught in the cycle of going over and over the hurt. I am not forgiving for the good of the other person. I am forgiving for the good of myself so I can be free and move forward.

Forgiveness is a gift, a state of Grace that benefits the giver as much or more than the receiver. If I am to heal fully, I will need to forgive fully. Forgiveness doesn’t mean what you did was okay. It simply means I am no longer willing to carry around pain in response to someone else’s actions. ♥


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7 thoughts on “I Forgive for my own sake……

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  3. I
    I did not know that I was stuck because I was still reliving my divorce and had some deep forgiveness to do.I just could not see it.
    I wasted so many years not wanting to get involved or loving and I finally got depressed. I am slowly coming out of my depression.
    I do sense more freedom from the prison of the past. Your article confirms forgiveness is a giant piece in getting unstuck and
    having the peace God intended for all of us.

    Thank you


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