I am already a winner!!!


Over the last few months I have taken on many feelings and emotions of others. And awoke some of mine own too.  My heart has been heavy at times, the climb has been uphill. There has been times that I’ve  ‘felt’ beaten down and then at other times there has been a great sense of freedom. Needless to say I’ve been living an emotional race.

I have gone through every emotion known to me and some that I haven’t known. This morning I am happy to say that I woke with overwhelming feeling of love, peace, hope, perseverance and determination.

Today I am a contender! Whatever the outcome of this race, I have shown that I have what it takes to be a winner. No matter what happens around me, I will use the noise  the chaos, the chatter, the tension to spur me onto greater aspects of myself. Neck and Neck for me is just the barometer of whats out there, triggering in me the excitement for movement, risking and reaching.

I will experience the vitality of energy that is living and breathing in me. I will enjoy the wonders of the race. I am here and it is enough. Its good be alive… It’s good to be a contender!


Karin ♥

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