Body, Mind and Spirit

Body, Mind, Spirit on Miraculous Endeavors New Age BlogI take responsibility for the condition of my life. I have the ability to make my life better, through making myself better.

There are three aspects to self that I need to be conscious of for  healthy, holistic living ~ My Body, Mind and Spirit.

Taking care of myself is a spiritual act and increases my ability to love and be fully present.

My state of mind affects my body and my spirit. My state of body affects my spirit and my mind. My state of spirit affects everything in and around my life.

This is not some New Age notion that the body, mind and spirit are interconnected. My state of mind and my level of inner spirit have the power to impact and improve me physically.

I will dare to see myself in a positive light today. In the long run of life, there is no free lunch, what I receive I give, what I give I receive. What I take into my body will feed my mind and my spirit.

Today I will affirm that I have a beautiful body, mind and spirit. What I affirm will line up with the natural laws that govern this exquisite universe in which we co-exist.

My total Being is the temple for my Higher Power. I will be sure that it is a beautiful living space for Him to dwell.





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