An Act Of Love…Reflections Of A Mother

Reflections Of A Mother

Hasn’t there been enough pain and hurt?

The mother-daughter bond is I’m sure the strongest of all human bonds.

Although betrayal stands between us… I love you.

I think of you daily and you are in my thoughts and in my prayers.

How many times must I try? Seven? No Seven times Seventy!!

Pain and anger… she just holds on. She says she is not angry and can live just fine without her Mother….

Forgiveness is not an event of immediacy. It’s not a bolt of lighting that brightens the soul and burns the pain to ashes. Forgiveness is a process.

When it is all said and done, the final process is an act of love.



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5 thoughts on “An Act Of Love…Reflections Of A Mother

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  2. Alas all of our roads do rarely diverge my sweet! Yours is to stay the course and perhaps one day your roads will intertwine if it’s God’s will.


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